What are pheromones?

Pheromones are used for attraction. Similar to how animals and insects use pheromones, humans can release different pheromones with powerful effects. Research shows that certain pheromones can affect attractiveness, confidence, approachability, and mood. Our special blend of alpha enhancing pheromones is crafted to boost the appeal of men in the jungle and make them irresistible.

Do pheromones attract?

Studies show that men who used Jungle Bravo had more success and noticed a boost in confidence.

What is Jungle Bravo?

Our natural products for men are made with our special blend of alpha pheromones to help with appeal.

What are the most popular Jungle Bravo scents?

Looking to level up your game? Become an alpha of the jungle with our Alpha Bundle which includes the most popular scents. Discover your favorite scents and try out manly scents such as Lion Citrus, Gorilla Peppermint, Rhino Pine, and Tiger Bay Rum.

Where are Jungle Bravo personal care products made?

Jungle Bravo makes products in the great United States of America. We ensure great quality products and a fair work environment.

What makes Jungle Bravo different?

Unlike other companies who uses cheap sythentics our products contains powerful pheromones that are safe, effective, and helps men become more attractive.

How long is shipping?

We do our best to make sure our customers get their products on time. Once your orders are shipped, it will takes around 3-5 business days using USPS.