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Our Customers Love Jungle Bravo

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I'm realizing that more women are noticing me compared to before. Ditch regular soap!

All their scents smell amazing! My girlfriend can't keep her hands off me after showering with their bars.

American made, just how I like it. Works great and smells manly. All men should try this out!

What is Jungle Bravo?

Jungle Bravo creates natural products that are infused with powerful pheromones for men. Our products are scientifically formulated with our special blend of alpha pheromones to help make one more appealing to women. Pheromones that increases alpha male status and boost traits that women desire.

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are hormones that are used for attraction. Similar to how animals and insects use pheromones, humans can release different pheromones with powerful effects. Research shows that certain pheromones can affect attractiveness, confidence, approachability, and mood. Our special blend of alpha enhancing pheromones is crafted to boost the appeal of men in the jungle and make them irreistable.

Where are Jungle Bravo personal care products made?

Jungle Bravo makes products here in the great United States of America. We ensure great quality products and a fair work environment.

Are there any side effects of using Jungle Bravo?

Increase female attention is a side effect of this product, used with caution.